Chiroflow Water Pillow
Chiroflow pillow provides outstanding comfort and responsiveness for your head and neck. As you roll from back to side, the water instantly adjusts to maintain correct head and neck support and outstanding comfort. Instantly Adjusts To Any Sleeping Position. You can change the firmness by the amount of water added, just like a waterbed.

◦ Supports the Cervical spine ideally.
◦ Clinically proven to help naturally relieve neck pain caused by arthritis, stress or injuries.
◦ The water pillow is surrounded by an Extra Soft Layer of Polyester fill to make it perhaps the most comfortable pillow ever.
◦ Adapts to different anatomical shapes and sizes.
◦ Allows you to personalize the level of support you want.
◦ Easy to follow instructions tell you how much water to add for soft, medium and firm support.
◦ Use ordinary tap water.
◦ Instantly responds to changes in sleeping position.
◦ Funnel Included.